Ryland develop web enabled software solutions that reduce management costs and inhouse hardware, are easier than their counterparts to update and are cross platform compatible.

Web applications perform just as standard desktop applications but have a web interface, this allows your staff to access and use the software from anywhere in the world so long as they have access to a web browser.

Our in house team of web developers, based at our offices in High Wycombe, Bucks, typically carry out web development projects using the .NET Framework, ASP.NET/C# and SQL Server. Our particular area of expertise includes the development of web applications such as complex database driven websites and web based business tools.

Websites / Microsites

Websites form the basis of most company’s online presence. Whether you need a website to generate leads, inform existing customers or showcase your products, Ryland Technology can provide a website to accommodate your needs.

Ryland’s expertise in technical solutions means that we are ideally placed to provide a solid technical base on which to serve your website. We can provide static websites and help on an adhoc basis with updates, or provide a fully customised content management system (CMS) tailored to your website structure. Coupled with our hosting (link) and domain registration services, Ryland can deliver an end to end solution and manage all aspects of your website.

The visual aspect of an online presence is especially important. Ryland serves as the resource for many graphic design agencies and so has the capability and experience to work effectively with your existing graphic designers. Alternatively we can manage the design stage through one of our partners.

  • Database driven web developments
  • Brochure websites
  • Content managed websites

Intranets / Extranets

Intranets provide the opportunity to maximise productivity by increasing communication, collaboration and teamwork within your business. Ryland has experience in providing:

Training Resources
Web-based training is an ideal way of modernising your training resources, and also provides easily accessible content after formal training sessions have finished. Ryland can convert existing training material for your intranet infrastructure or work with your experts to produce new highly customised training resources.

Collaboration Platforms
Collaboration platforms allow your employees to communicate effectively and work together on projects even if they don’t work in the same office or timezone. By creating custom web applications or utilising Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS), Ryland can deliver a solution that allows employees to work together on projects by sharing ideas, materials and expanding projects to involve other business areas.  

Improving Existing Intranets
Ryland has experience of a number of intranet solutions deployed across many industries worldwide. Intranets can often become stale with useful resources being forgotten about over time. Ryland can help by modernising existing resources and increasing accessibility and usability, adding new life to important resources whether they were originally developed by Ryland or another development agency.

Web Applications / Web Based Business Tools

The distinction between desktop software and web-based applications is becoming increasingly blurred in today’s connected world. Web applications provide the ability for applications which were typically confined to the local desktop to be accessible via the web browser. This in turn allows a single installation of the web application to be accessed remotely, at weekends, and even allows for integration with your extranet or intranet.

Ryland's in house developers typically carry out web development projects using the .NET Framework, ASP.NET/C# and SQL Server.

E-Commerce Sites

E-commerce allows products to be sold online from your website without assistance from your sales team. Ryland can implement secure online stores which allow visitors to browse your product range, select products they wish to purchase and proceed through an online checkout. We have experience of integrating with payment gateways including:

  • PayPal
  • WorldPay
  • Protex
  • Bank APIs (e.g. HSBC)

We can also advise on which solution is best for your needs.

By combining an e-commerce solution with our secure managed web hosting Ryland can provide and manage your e-commerce website maintaining security and ensuring faultless operation.