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Web and mobile app development

Web and mobile apps can do the same job as traditional software, but can be accessed from any platform, anywhere in the world. They reduce management costs and in-house hardware requirements, are easier to update and can be cross-platform compatible. Read on to see how they can help your business.
If you need software that your staff can access from mobile devices as well as laptops or desktops, or from remote locations as well as in the office, then a web-based or mobile application may be the solution for you.

Our in-house team of web developers based at our offices in High Wycombe typically carry out web development projects using ASP.NET, MVC5 with HTML5 and C#, and SQL Server databases, but we have experience of virtually all development technologies and platforms. Whether it's Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android, we regularly produce complex database-driven web-based and mobile applications. Read more below, and check out the case studies for further examples.

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Web applications

The distinction between desktop software and web-based applications has become increasingly blurred in today's connected world.

A web application is software which traditionally would have been confined to a local desktop, but now is accessible using a web browser. This means you can have a single installation of the application on an internal or internet-facing web server, allowing access from any device and from any location. Whether your employees are using desktops or laptops, Macs or PCs, iOS or Android devices, they can all access the same web application using a web browser. It can even be integrated with your existing intranet or extranet - and everything is built securely from the ground up, ensuring your data is well-protected.

Ryland Technology specialises in Microsoft technologies, typically producing applications using ASP.NET, MVC5, C# and SQL Server - but because they're web-based applications, they can be accessed on any device that has a web browser.

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Mobile apps

Mobile apps can offer performance, usability, and interactivity enhancements over traditional mobile-friendly websites.

Mobile apps run directly on the device itself. Unlikely mobile-friendly websites, mobile apps don't rely on the device's browser and can be faster and easier to use as a result. They also make it easier to take advantage of the device's native capabilities, such as GPS and the camera.

Ryland Technology develops mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices. If you want to know more, get in touch.

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Websites form the basis of most companies' online presence. Whether it's for lead generation, customer engagement or to showcase products, virtually all companies need a website to engage with their target audience.

Ryland Technology's breadth of expertise means we are ideally placed to build and manage your site from the ground up. We can provide everything from static websites (and adhoc updates) to fully-customised, database-driven sites with a content management systems that allows your own staff to update it as and when required. Coupled with our hosting and domain services, Ryland can deliver an end-to-end solution.

The visual aspect of an online prescence is critical to its success. Ryland Technology has long-standing, strategic partnerships with several graphic design agencies, meaning we can engage high-quality designers on your behalf. But we're also very happy to work with your existing graphic designers if you'd prefer.

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Intranets and extranets

Intranets can increase collaboration, communication, and efficiency within your business, by serving a number of functions.

Web-based training (often referred to as e-learning) is an efficient and user-friendly way of optimising the use of training resources. Whether it's an entire online course or content to supplement classroom-based training, there are numerous benefits of allowing staff to learn at their own desktops and at their own pace. Ryland Technology can convert existing training material or work with your experts to produce new, highly customised content.

Collaboration platforms allow your employees to communicate effectively and work together on projects, whether they're in the same office or on opposite sides of the world. By creating custom web applications or using Microsoft SharePoint, Ryland Technology can deliver a solution that allows employees to share ideas and materials and to increase cross-team collaboration, providing efficiency benefits across the business.

Existing intranets and extranets can easily grow stale over time. Ryland Technology can help by modernising existing resources, increasing accessibility and usability, and integrating easy ways for non-technical staff to keep the content up to date. Ryland has experience of a number of intranet solutions deployed across many industries worldwide. To find out what we can do for you, please contact us.

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E-commerce sites

E-commerce now accounts for a fifth of total retail sales in the UK, which has the third-largest online retail market in the world. The advantage is clear: products can be sold online from your website day and night, without any drain on your sales resources.

The fundamnentals of an e-commerce solution are that it allows visitors to browse your product range, select products they like, and proceed through an online checkout. But security, usability and integration with your back-office systems are just as important. That's why you need a development company with a breadth of knowledge to implement an e-commerce solution that's right for your business.

Ryland Technology has extensive experience building e-commerce solutions for companies in a wide range of sectors. We have also integrated systems with a variety of payment gateways, including Paypal, Worldpay, Protex and bank-specific APIs (e.g. HSBC), so we are well-placed to advise you on the solution that best meets your needs. By combining an e-commerce solution with our secure managed web hosting, Ryland Technology can provide and manage your e-commerce website from end to end.

For further information or to discuss your requirements with experienced developers, please get in touch.