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Alway Associates
Alway Associates

Alway Associates was founded in 1990 to provide legal, problem resolution and commercial services to clients engaged in the procurement and production of structures, capital projects, construction, facilities management and allied industries. With offices located across the UK, they provide the full complement of services required on all types of projects.

Alway Associates first contacted Ryland Technology because they needed to enhance their existing customer database and at the same time provide access to their database to all Alway Associates offices and remote workers across the UK.

The existing solution was based on Microsoft Access using Access forms and reports.  Ryland Technology considered the available options including the possibility of setting up a virtul private network to allow connectivity to the database from remote locations however the recommended solution was to provide web connectivity to the database via a browser based front end.  This solution had the advantage that no software or configuration would need to be installed on the individual PCs which given the diverse user base would have been costly.  Additionally the security risk to head office was minimised because no direct connectivity in to head office would be required.

The first step was to migrate the existing Access database to a more robust SQL Server 2005 database.  Once this was completed the Access reports were replicated in PDF format and Ryland Technology's DMS product was used to quickly web enable the database providing the functionality to search for and maintain the customer data with various user access levels and auditing.  Extra customer contact information was loaded into the system that had previously been maintained by different offices and finally the solution was installed on a web server provided by Ryland Technology with secure login and SSL encryption.

The end result was a web application that allowed Alway Associates staff to search, view and amend customer data securely from anywhere in the world, with full auditing and reporting plus the facility to create mail shots or export selected contacts.

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