Bespoke software is often required when a client has a specific requirement that cannot be met by standard off-the-shelf packages.

Ryland Technology Ltd has been building custom solutions for a wide variety of clients since 1990. These have varied from custom databases (see Database Design) through to complete client server applications with large disparate user bases and separate enterprise level databases.

Custom software can be written for a variety of operating systems using many different development tools. Some factors may already be defined (for example, your company may already have Microsoft Windows installed on all of its PCs) but Ryland will work closely with you to help you choose the right development tools to build your business application. Key factors to consider are:

  • speed (and therefore cost) of development
  • easy integration with existing systems
  • low ongoing maintenance costs
  • use of industry standard programming languages so that you will not be tied into one supplier or be constrained by resource issues
  • no hidden licence fees or support contracts
  • Intellectual Property Rights

IPR/Source Code

A key area of concern for many clients is who owns the intellectual property and the application source code once the application has been completed. Unlike many of Ryland Technology's competitors, Ryland Technology does not retain ownership of the code. This allows you to move to an alternative supplier in the unlikely event that you should wish to do so. We prefer to build a long lasting relationship with our clients by offering unbeatable, professional value for money service rather than trapping them into using our services because we will not release source code.

Web Applications

It should be noted that in todays world of broadband Internet access and cloud technology there is a big overlap between bespoke software and web applications. In many instances the best solution for a client is to build a bespoke application by using web technologies. Web based applications give users access from anywhere in the world, don't need any software installed on the users machine other than a standard web browser and allow for simple deployment and upgrades as the web application is served from a central location. With extensive web development and web hosting experience Ryland Technology is ideally placed to advise on the best use of new web technologies.

Development Environments

Examples of the programming languages and development environments used include:

  • .NET framework
  • C#
  • Visual Basic .Net
  • Delphi and Pascal.
  • Java incl. Swing and AWT
  • C, C++ and Objective C
  • JavaScript, JQuery
  • ASP and ASP.Net 
  • PHP
  • Adobe Flash incl. ActionScript and Flex

Please note the above is not an exhaustive list but is included to give you an idea as to the experience within Ryland Technology.  If you have a specific requirement please feel free to contact us to discuss the options.